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Med One. 2019;4:e190027.


Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Med One in 2019

Med One Editorial Office

1st Floor Cobham MSA, Cobham, Surrey, Greater London, KT11 3DB, UK

Published: 30 December 2019

Med One relies on reviewers’ critical comments to maintain quality of the journal. The editors would like to express their appreciation to following reviewers who provided valuable comments for Med One journal in 2019:

Akila Mayeda

Alessandro Salvi

Anne-Marie Aas

Balazs Dome

Chih-Chia Cheng

Chun-Hung Chu

Claudia Giachino

David Otaegui

Edward M. Bahnson

Elizabeth Tong

Gary Guishan Xiao

Irina Voineagu

Jian Li

John Mercer

Joseph M Dhahbi

Juraj Majtan

Ling-Wen Ding

Lluís Ribas de Pouplana

Luisa Giuriato

M. Shibasaki

María Graça Costa Miguel

Marisa Shiina

Márta Széll

Masami Okamoto

Morteza Mahmoudi

Nazrul Islam

Nirmal Kandel

Penelope J. Taylor

Remco Van de Pas

Ronan M. G. Berg

Scott G. Mitchell

Simona Martinotti

Tamara Athamneh

Victor C. Kok

Vincent M. Alford

Vittoria Di Mauro

William G. Hawkins

Xiangke Wang

Yan Yun

Yuval Elhanati

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Med One Editorial Office. Acknowledgement to Reviewers of Med One in 2019. Med One. 2019;4:e190027.

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